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Everyone today has the same drum libraries, which are obtained from other libraries and rhythm machines. We wanted to do something special, but we wanted it to sound modern and new for composers, producers of Hiphop, Trap, EDM and bring an additional flavor to their music.

Bollywood Maharaja 2 is a new and completely new virtual percussion instrument after the very successful Bollywood Maharaja Vol 1.

Here you will find percussion instruments in both Indian and Urban styles, as well as instruments and vocal one-shots. This library was created from scratch and contains 600 sounds.

Beatskillz has released Beatfactory Drums, a free Drum Kit Plugin for Mac OS X and Windows (32- & 64-bit versions). The UI is simple and straightforward featuring a volume fader and a pan knob for each of the 12 pads per kit. The pads are neatly labelled for the type of drum sample loaded on it, as well as the key which triggers the sample.

Bollywood Maharaja Vst Free Download Mp3

Bollywood maharaja vst free download torrent

• Drum plugin with 12 pads.
• Contains 600 drum samples, Over 1GB of sounds
• Vocal & Instrument Slices, Kicks, snares, hats, cymbals and Indian percussion.
• Special Sounds: Mixed combo perc, Indian male and female vocal shots, tumbi, sarangi.
• 50 kits of Bollywood, Bhangra, TRAP, EDM, hip-hop, Organic.
• Built-in reverb, release, attack & pitch controls.
• 600 one-shot wav files also included.
• New Multioutput Plugin Versions also included