Chinon Sound 7000 Manual

Details about Chinon Sound 7000 8mm Projector See original listing. Chinon Sound 7000 8mm Projector: Condition: Used. Ended: 21 Jan, 2021 17:47:12 AEDST. Sound Control Panel 6. Elevation Control 7. Focusing Knob 9. Frame Control Knob 10. Recording Level Meter 13. Auto/Manual Recording Level Button 14. Monitor Jack 15. Line-out Jack 16. Volume Control Knob 17. 'Manual' Warning Lamp 18. Tone Control Knob 19. Sound-on-Sound Control 20. Chinon sound projector sp-330 magnetic I have been given this projector but do not know how to set it up and would appreciate assistance especially a manual or where I could preferably download one. Question about ESD 7000 Radar Detector. SEARS SOUND Record/Playback CHINON. This Projector same as Chinon SOUND 7000 Movie Projector.

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marketed in 1978-79

super 8 mm film

lens: Chinon Zoom Lens f: 1.3 F: 15-30 mm

lamp: 100 W, 12 V, EFP

pilot lamp: built-in on main switch, 4 V-0.75 A, KE-030

reel capacity: 180 m

film loading: automatic threading

projection: forward, reverse

projection speed: 18, 24 fps, with speed adjustment control

speed adjustment control: by rheostat, +/- 1 frame

sound: magnetic and optical playback on main sound track

sound mode: mono

sound controls: volume, tone

amplifier: 2 ICs, 8 transistors, 14 diodes, 2 LEDs

amplifier output: music power 15 W (8 Ohm)

Signing naturally units 1-6 video download. frequency response: ?

recording: magnetic recording on main track, sound-on-sound

recording level control: auto (ALC) and manual

VU meter: recording level meter

Clash of clans free download android 2.3.5. mixing: possible

input terminal: Microphone, Public Adress, Auxiliary

input jacks: Mic, PA: 3.5 mm diameter jack; Aux: 5-pin DIN jack (European type)

output terminal: Monitor, Line Out, External Speaker (8-16 Ohm)

Chinon Sound 7000 Manual

output jacks: Mon: 3.5 mm diameter jack; Line-out: 5-pin DIN jack (European type); Ext Sp: 2-pin DIN jack

built-in speaker: 10 cm diameter round speaker, 7,5 W (16 Ohm)

motor: DC magnetic motor

power source: 100-115-127-220-250 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Chinon Sound 7000 Manual Download

weight: 9,000 g

dimensions: 180 (W) x 245 (H) x 340 (L) mm

Chinon Sound 7000 Manual Pdf

made in Japan by Chinon