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Convert Construct 2 games to Apk and Publish your game and app into a mobile platform.

Familiarity with Construct 2 is recommended before developing with the SDK. The terminology and functions may be hard to understand otherwise. The beginner's guide is a good place for developers to start learning how Construct 2 works. Download the SDK template to get started. The download includes a template plugin, behavior and effect which. Free download Flying Ninja - Construct 2 Game - CodeCanyon. It is best for android, Construct 2 game, endless, flying, html5 game, ios, kunai, ninja, shuriken, side scrolling and website. Flying ninja is an arcade html5 game, tap or click make player fly through enemy, Collect many coins, you can throw shuriken to attack te nemey but or your. Build Android Apps In a few easy clicks convert your game to an Android APK file with our build service Publish to iOS Publish your game to iPhones and iPads Publish to Xbox One Get your game in front of millions of XBox players! Publish Everywhere Publish to the web, Windows, Macs, Linux, Windows Store and more! Look & Feel Dark Theme.

Construct 2 Engine:

Construct 2 engine is fantastic game engine.

It let you design web game quickly with visual coding. However, the biggest drawback of the construct 2 engine is that it can’t directly export to android or ios.

For that, the developer will be required to upgrade to construct 3 engine it exports directly to platform But if you don’t want to upgrade to construct 3 there is a way developer can export to android and ios.


Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework.

It allows user to build cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, Therefore, It allows users to publish to the android and ios platforms.

All you need is to create a Cordova project and place the project inside it After that, a developer can create the app for multiple platforms.

In short, cordova is a lifeline for construct 2 developer.


Android 2.2 Download

  • Node js.
  • Java SE Runtime Environment.
  • AndroidStudio.

Create Cordova Project

Before you create a Cordova project, download and install all the required components.


you can download from here.

Java SE Runtime Environment:Construct 2 games to Apk

download from here


download from here

Installing Cordova:Construct 2 games to Apk

Open your command prompt and type npm install -g Cordova, this will install Cordova After that create a project.

Create a project with the folder name, package name and project name for instance

Lastly, go to the project and add a platform that you wish to publish, As a result, this will fetch android setting into your project, As an example

Construct 2 :

To begin with, Go to your Construct 2 project and export your game. You Cordova option for export. As a result, the will create a compatible file.

Android Studio:

Construct 2 download mac

Open Android Studio and import the Cordova project. Afterward, go the assets > www folder and paste the construct game.

Lastly Run the game and test it on emulator

Video Tutorial: Construct 2 games to Apk

Similarly, You can show ads Including AdMob , applovin etc , bu using enhance plugin, As a result, you can monetize your app

In conclusion, now you can build construct 2 games to Apk and published it in google play store.

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