Dgi Omega Om 60 User Manual

DGI Omega Series USB Driver Downloads. Download USB System Driver For Windows 7 64-bit. Errors were found with the address you provided. Please verify your address. For latest product manuals: www.omegamanual.info will auto synchronize to the time zone of the PC, when Product Description OM-22,OM-23,OM-24 Multi-Use PDF Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers M5618/1016 INSTRUCTION Shop online at omega.co Made in China m SM e-mail: [email protected] c. T1 is air temperature, T2 is external probe temperature d. OM40-C-I: OM40-C-I 4-20mA Input Cable for use with the OM-40 Series Dataloggers: M3620: 1100. HH931T, HH932T: Data Thermometer e-mail: [email protected] For latest product manuals: www.omegamanual.info Shop online at omega.com User’s Guide TM TM.

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Dgi omega om-60 manual

DGI and New Star Omega Series Service Manual for download in pdf format

DGI and New Star Service Manual download in pdf format.

Models :

  • DGI Omega Series OM-70
  • DGI Omega Series OM-80
  • DGI Omega Series OM-100
  • DGI Omega Series OM-130
  • DGI Omega Series OM-150
  • New Star Omega Series OM-70
  • New Star Omega Series OM-80
  • New Star Omega Series OM-100
  • New Star Omega Series OM-130

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DGI Omega OM-60 Vinyl Cutter Setup instructions

SignTools Settings

After installing CorelDRAW the next step is to install SignTools. Follow the instructions on 4 and 5 of the SignTools 4 User Guide.

Once you have installed SignTools, open Corel Draw and click on the Application Launcher (see picture below) and choose SignTools 4.

Next click on the 'Cut' button and then the 'Setup' button. Select the DGI Omega OM-60 from the 'Device' drop down box and select your port.

Dgi Omega Om 60 User Manual Pdf

If you are using a Serial (Com) port click on the “Settings” button and set the following settings:-

Bits per second : 9600
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow Control: Hardware

Please check your plotter's manual and/or the Com settings on the plotter's control panel and ensure that they match the settings in SignTools.
Serial Plotter Cable

Please ensure that your Serial (Com) cable is a RS 232-C cable. SignTools will not communicate with your plotter with a different cable. If you are unsure if your cable is a RS232-C cable, contact your plotter distributor.

USB Connection
If you are connecting your cutter via a USB connection you must install the USB driver that came with your cutter first. This will create a an extra Com or USB port that you can select in the SignTools 'Device Setup' dialog box.

CorelDraw Settings

In CorelDraw's Layout menu select Page Setup. A dialog box will appear. Set Width to 3200mm (126inches) and Height to 585mm (23 inches).
Ensure that you are using a Landscape page.

To set this as a default page in CorelDRAW click on the Tools menu and choose Options. Click on the word Document on the left hand side and ensure all of the options are ticked and click on the OK button.

To cut any object in CorelDraw, simply place on the page in the bottom left corner. If you wish to cut in a portrait fashion simply rotate your graphics.

Additional note

SignTools 4 cuts from the bottom left of the page either manually place object(s) in the bottom left of the CorelDRAW page or use the 'Vinyl Saver' tool with the sliding bar all the way to the left.

Dgi Omega Om 60 User Manual

Further support

Dgi Omega Om 60 User Manual Download

If you have followed these instructions and are still having problems setting up your vinyl cutter go to our support page and fill in the Support Enquiry Form.