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Download Aladin Game For Android
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  2. This game was developed by Virgin Games, Inc. And published by SEGA of America, Inc. Release at Nov, 1993 belongs to platform of Sega Genesis / MegaDrive. Download Aladdin - Mega Drive Rom Download Aladdin - Sega Genesis rom of game and playing on your modern device like desktop PC, Android phone, Tablet, Mac or iOS for free.
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Aladdin Full Game
In this game you need to manage by Aladdin (except bonus level), passing to the usual platforming levels. It will interfere with the guards of the Sultan and all kinds of animals. As a weapon Aladdin uses apples, rushing them into enemies. At levels scattered jewels - hundreds of such precious stones gives an extra life hero. Features: - Very fun gameplay - Gorgeous animated graphics - Easy control - Well-chosen music
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Download Aladin Game For Android

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Aladdin - Aladin - MAME

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Aladdin Nintendo Game Download For Android

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