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We must tell you that to know how to install Genesis reborn on kodi is one difficult task you have to do.

We know that to select most appropriate way to install Genesis Reborn on kodi from various repositories is quiet difficult task.

But here we are with the best possible approach:

In this blog we will try to give best way to install Genesis reborn on kodi as well as to install Genesis on kodi. All you have to do is scroll down and follow the steps given below and enjoy unlimited Movies and TV shows.

It has been in existence since 2002. Currently, this software is on version 19. It is free to download. All you need to have to use this software is a reliable and strong Internet connection. To stream and watch movies on Kodi, you need to install an addon like Genesis Resurrected. Add-ons are applications that you can install on kodi. Install genesis on kodi now! Find your saved Genesis Reborn zip file in the downloads folder (or wherever you save your files) and then open it to start the installation process. This Genesis Reborn kodi addon stream Movies, Tv Programs in a High Defined quality. Genesis reborn kodi addon is designed by the Jesus Box media team.

We highly recommend you to use Kodi VPN while using any Kodi Add-ons because there might be copyright issues. We do not encourage any illegal activities or any kind of violation of copyright laws.

Still if you have not installed kodi on your fire stick/ fire TV then go through How to install kodi on fire stick.

Download Genesis Zip For Kodi


  • 1 How to Install Genesis Reborn on Kodi
  • 2 How to Install Genesis on Kodi

How to Install Genesis Reborn on Kodi

All you have to do is to follow the steps given below in order to install genesis reborn on kodi to have uninterrupted streaming of movies and live shows.

Here we will see how you can install genesis reborn on kodi but after tutorial for genesis reborn we will discuss how to install genesis on kodi later on (from kodil repository)!

All you have to do is scroll down!

Just follow the given steps:

Step 1

Go to Settings icon which is at top left corner on kodi main screen.

Step 2

Go to System Settings> Add-ons. Enable “Unknown sources” which is given at right hand side on your screen.

Step 3

Pop up will open showing warning. Click on “Yes” and move to further process.

Step 4

Again Click on Settings and navigate to File Manager option.

Step 5

In File Manager option, select “Add-Source” option.

Step 6

Pop-up will show up to add file source, you have to add path in address bar as follow:


You have to add exact path in address as given here.

Step 7

Now you have to name media source as per your choice or else name it as “jesusboxrepo” and then select “OK”.

Step 8

In top left corner of the screen icon for package installer is available in add-ons option in kodi menu. Select that icon.

Step 9

After selecting package installer, new menu will be available and from that you have to click on “Install from Zip file” and then you have to select the file that you have stored in step7 i.e. Jesusboxrepo.

Step 10

Once you select on Jesusboxrepo file, new pop-up will show up. In that you have to click on “repository.jesusboxtv-1.0.3.zip”. It is much obvious that number shown here is just version number and will change with every latest update.

Step 11

After installing Zip file, at right hand side of the screen you will see that Jesusbox repository add-on is updated.

Waveshell-vst 9.91 download. You are almost done. Now you have to install Genesis Reborn from this repository. To know how to install all you have to do is read on!

Step 12

In this step you have to again follow step 10 but just with one change instead of selecting Install from Zip file you have to select Install from repository.

Step 13

After selecting Install from repository, new menu will be opened. Click on Jesusbox repository.

Step 14

In Jesusbox Repository, you have to select on “Video add-ons”.

Step 15

After selecting Video Add-ons, Click on “Genesis reborn” option and then click on “Install

Step 16

As Genesis Reborn add-on installation starts on your device, “Genesis Reborn installed” will be displayed on top right corner of screen. This would be last step of How to install genesis reborn on kodi.

Once you install Genesis Reborn, Go to kodi home screen and select add-ons you will see that Genesis Reborn is now available in your add-ons list!

Now you can easily stream movie or TV shows using Genesis reborn without any hindrances!

How to Install Genesis on Kodi

Genesis add-on is not available in Jesusbox repository but we do have solution for that, all you need is to follow these steps for How to install Genesis on kodi:

Again we will ask you to use Kodi VPN as there might be copyright issues. Please note that we are not promoting any illegal activities.

Step 1

Select File manager option which is available in kodi Settings menu.

Step 2

In File manager, Click on “Add source” and then add path of Kodil repo as follow:

Step 3

Give name to file as per your choice or else name it as Kodil Repo.

Step 4

After adding Kodil repo file, navigate to Package Installer which is available in add-ons menu.

Step 5

In Package Installer, you have to select “Install from Zip file

Step 6

Select kodil.zip and then click on OK to install Zip file for Kodil.

Step 7

After completion of installation, at top right of your screen you should see message “www.kodisrael.co.il” repo add-on is installed.

We are almost there just few more steps and you will able to stream your desired movies or TV shows!

All you have to do is continue reading!

Step 8

Again navigate to add-ons menu and click on “Install from repository” and then click on video add-ons.

Step 9

In video add-ons try to find Genesis add-on from many add-ons which are alphabetically organized.


Step 10

Select Genesis add-on and then select Install. After installation you should see message on top right corner that Genesis add-on is installed.

So we hope that you have successfully installed Genesis add-on and enjoying uninterrupted entertainment.

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Also if you want to have complete entertainment using subtitles for any Movie or TV show then you must go through How to add subtitle on kodi once.

Final Words

Finally enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted Movies and TV shows by following steps of How to install Genesis Reborn on kodi and How to install Genesis on kodi. Method given by us is verified and properly works. Also it is the easiest way to install Genesis and Genesis Reborn on kodi.

What is genesis reborn kodi addon?

Earlier genesis kodi addon was quite popular among the kodi users. But later it was down due to some copyright issues. Now, it is back again with the name Genesis Reborn. It rose from the ashes of Genesis to satisfy the users with more features and updated links. This Genesis Reborn kodi addon stream Movies, Tv Programs in a High Defined quality. Genesis reborn kodi addon is designed by the Jesus Box media team. With the help of this Genesis Reborn kodi addon, you can Search whatever content you want. So, if you want to add genesis to kodi then follow the instructions given below.

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How to install genesis reborn on kodi krypton?

Here, we are going to discuss the steps to install the Genesis Reborn Kodi addon. So, follow the below steps carefully and learn the installation process.

1. First, launch the Kodi from your device.

2. Then, select the gear symbol from the top of your home page.

3. Then, select System Settings.

4. Now, move your cursor down and click on the gear symbol to change the settings from Basic to Expert.

5. Then, select Addons and enable the Unknown Sources option if it is disabled.

6. Now, go back and select File Manager from the Kodi settings.

7. Then, double click on Add Source to enter the addon url.

8. Now, click on <None> to add the source URL of genesis reborn addon.

9. Then, type your URL “http://jesusboxrepo.xyz/repo” into the box without any mistake.

10. Now, give the name as “Jesus” or whatever you want to call and click OK.

11. Then, go back to your home page of Kodi and select Addons.

12. After that, select Package Installer Icon from the left top corner of your screen.

13. Then, select Install from zip file from the repository page.

14. Now, scroll down and click on the name which you gave before.

15. Then, select the zip file “repository.jesusboxtv-1.0.3.zip.”

16. Now, your addon will download and install on your Kodi.

17. Then, select Install from Repository from the same repository page.

18. After that scroll down and select “Jesus box repository” from the list of repositories.

19. Now, after entering into the addon then select Video addons.

20. Then, select Genesis Reborn from the list of Video addons.

21. Then, select Install to complete the installation.

22. Now, choose the version of Jesus Box.

23. Finally, Genesis Reborn addon starts installing on your device. These are steps to install Genesis Reborn kodi addon on your device.

How to use Genesis Reborn kodi addon?

After installing you are going to see how to use Genesis Reborn Kodi addon.

If you open the Genesis Reborn addon after installing, then the above page will open. Now, Let’s see some categories of this Genesis Reborn Kodi addon.

Genesis For Kodi 2017

  • Genesis Reborn Tools
    Inside of this, you have options to change your General Settings, Account Settings, Playback, Subtitle Settings, and Provider Settings of Genesis Reborn Kodi addon.
  • Genesis Reborn Search Menu
    Under this category, you can search whatever movies and Tv show you want.
  • Genesis Reborn channels
    Under this category, you can watch the most popular channel called Sky channel.
  • Genesis Reborn TV Shows and New Tv Shows
    In this, you can watch all the new released Tv shows on Kodi
  • Genesis Reborn Movies and New Movies
    Under this, you can watch your favorite movies and Newly released movies whenever you want.

Download Genesis Zip For Kodi 18.5

These are some categories available in the Genesis Reborn Kodi addon. Do let us know via comments if you face any problem with the installation of genesis reborn kodi addon.