Download Twitter For Android 4.0.4

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  1. 4.0.4 Android Version
  2. Android 4.0.4 Update
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Google’s Android for Work initiative gives businesses a mobile platform flexible and suitable enough for the secure workplace, but those lucky enough to get in on the fun in the early days have been forced to use Android 5.0 Lollipop to take advantage. That is no longer the case.

Google has released an Android for Work app in the Google Play Store specifically for those with phones between Android 4.0 and Android 4.4. Pre-4.0 users need not apply, though if you have a phone with legacy software you might be well overdue for an upgrade.

Android for Work isolates and encrypts your work-related data and keeps it separate from your personal stuff, giving your network administrators peace of mind whenever you need to conduct business on the go. It’s a big step for the Android platform and one that had to be made if Google wanted its usage in the business sector to grow.


Unfortunately the program is only available for select businesses who have signed up for Android for Work right now. If your company doesn’t yet know about it you should urge your IT department to contact Google and see if you can’t get setup. For those who do have it but aren’t fortunate enough to have a Lollipop device you can get your app right here.


4.0.4 Android Version

4 office components address any of your office tasks easily
WPS Office for Android contains four major components: Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets and PDF reader.
Reading mode for mobile devices knows your thinking
The well-designed reading mode of WPS Office for Android enables searching in document and rearrange the document according to the aspect ratio, making it more comfortable and convenient for you to read.

Android 4.0.4 Update

High Compatiblity
Designed for compatibility, WPS Office boasts 4 major components. We have run million times of compatibility tests and make sure the document formats are fully supported.