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If you are in love with fantasy virtual animal world then Dragon City Mod APK 2020 is for you where you can take, feed, and breed all kinds of fire-breathing dragons and can build your own dragon city. And even if you have more interest than you can also take part in powerful dragon battles. But for these battles, you must feed and train and use your dragons with a proper battle strategy to win these battles.

Dragon RAJA is a spectacular MMORPG, which offers a fantastic graphic section, worthy of desktop consoles or PCs. The problem, of course, is that all this graphic power translates into additional storage space. Keep in mind that you need more than 6 GB of free.

If you feed and train to build them like monsters and even use them at the proper time you can win every battle even against powerful opponents. But here you may find some problem that you have to pay some real money to get food and gems to feed the dragons, and you must save the dragons from cages.

Here you can find and download Dragon City Mod APK for free, with unlimited gems, food, and gold. If you want some proper guidelines to build your own monsters, then you can find these here.


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  • 3 Dragon City Mod Features
  • 6 Dragon City Mod APK (FAQ’S):

What is Dragon City Mod APK?

This is modified (mod) version of the Dragon City Original Game, which is made for the users who cannot afford to buy this unlimited food, gems, and gold to feed, breed, and build the Dragon City. Our modified version has all the same features as the original game with some extra feature of free unlimited food, gems, and gold.

Some other things you will get here. You can unlock all your dragons up to the first level, review your dragons at any stage, can maximize dragon level, and you can unlock your greenhouse for free.

In this game, you can also use free unlimited food, gems, and gold to expand your collection of dragons and battle them in the game’s PVP Arenas. You must build a blend of dragons of Fire, Pure, Legend, Nature, and many other elements to make a unique hybrid mix. So, you may win the battle with a great virtual strategy.

Dragon City Mod APK Download 2020

APK NameDragon City APK
Current VersionV 11.1.0
Last UpdateTwo days ago
Size109 MB
Developer NameSocial Point
No of Downloads100,000,000+
APK FeaturesUnlimited Gems, Gold

Dragon City Mod Features

If you are still wondering to find why you should get this modified APK. Then hold your seats we are going to explore some of the amazing features in this APK. Because we knew that you love to build your amazing dragon city and want to win the battle against 80 million dragon masters.

  1. Unlimited Gems:

You will get unlimited gems to review your dragon any time in the battle. Sometimes you may need to unlock your favourite fire or another dragon which is performing well.

You can help your dragon by using unlimited gems by feeding them before, during or after the battle for the next stage.

For future better collection, you can also invest to buy eggs of top-rated Fire, volcano, or jelly dragons. In this way, you can improve battle strength.

  1. Unlimited Gold:

There is almost a list of 1000 dragons, now its all depends on you that how you breed, feed, and train your dragons. For this, dragon city has a lot of alliance events where you can train your dragons to launch them in battles.

Unlimited Gold helped you a lot because to breed, feed and train a dragon is not an easy and low budget task. So, you will need gold to purchase their war costume, and their weapons too. This feature makes Dragon City Mod APK a special one to choose.

  1. Acquiring more Dragons:

Alliance and breeding events happen on special islands where you can find new types of dragons which may have not previously.

And from the list of many, you can breed, both to get a new type of dragon which have more amazing skills. This all depends on your virtual managerial skills that how you use your unlimited gems and gold to empower your dragon force.

  1. PvP Arenas Battles:

In Dragon City Mod APK there are certain areas dedicated to the battle purpose where two different dragon masters launch their forces. And the master who won, get the new baby dragon.

If you want to win then you must learn the strategy of breeding, feeding, and training the dragons for which you need more gems and coins. One tip here to note, that never challenge an experienced dragon master.

  1. Unlimited Resources:

When you won some battles and grow to the next level the game gets harder and harder. Here level by level you can collect orbs to empower your dragons. But at each next level battles, opponents also get more power.

With Dragon City mod version, you can get unlimited resources like food, gems, gold, and orbs and this will be a good feature for you.

  1. Some More Features:

You can share this game with your friends, exchange gifts and can visit their islands too. If you are using the original app then it automatically gets updated. Your device does not need any rooting to install this app. Every dragon can be unlocked

Note:Here we have a Gift for you if you want free premium APK’s than; Go at,

How to Download & Install Dragon City Mod APK:

Although many of our users already knew the download and install process, if you need to know we have made a tutorial for beginners. You may install by following the step by step process.

Step1: Go to download page button. This will redirect you to the download page.

Step2: Press the download button and the download will start immediately.

Step3: After downloading, go and install the APK file from the File manager.

Step4: On the first-time install of APK, you will see some warning message to allow and give permission. You just need to allow it in setting, source option. This step just depends on your device setting if you have already allowed it, then you may skip this step.

Step5: After allowing it you may now go and press the install option.

Note: If you already installed some previous version then you must delete or uninstall that first.

How to Play Dragon City Mod APK:

Though we have discussed a lot regarding basic tips and tricks to get, grow, train, and empower a dragon. But for a beginner, it will be difficult to understand the Game Play.

Here you will find a brief tutorial regarding Dragon City Game Play.

In this game, you must build a dragon farm. Here you may feed and breed your dragon to get dragon eggs. After getting eggs you must take it to your farm and must cut it. From where you will get a baby dragon.

Free Download Dragon City Offline For Android

This baby dragon will need more and more food with the passage of time to empower itself. For all this process you will need gems and gold to purchase.

Here from this platform, you will get Mod APK with unlimited gems and gold. So, go and get your APK and play with more fun.

Dragon City Mod APK (FAQ’S):

We have answered some of the more common questions here in order to resume some basic confusion, especially for beginners.

  1. How can we breed dragons and please name some famous dragons?

Here we are listing some of the basic types of dragons from dragon city, which you may remember to purchase their eggs, to breed. These are the building blocks to breed and you do not have the parents so must purchase the eggs first.

  1. Nature Dragon 7. Flame Dragon
  2. Terra Dragon 8. Sea Dragon
  3. Electric Dragon 9. Ice Dragon
  4. Metal Dragon 10. Dark Dragon
  5. Light Dragon 11. War Dragon
  6. Pure Dragon
  1. How can we feed the baby dragon?

In the start of the game, you will get a baby dragon, that is very weak. You will not win any battle at this phase or it will have a lower chance even if its enemy will also be baby. You must purchase food and feed to empower it more and more and transform it into a monster.

  1. Is Dragon City Mod APK safe to download and install?

Yes, this APK is fully safe for all devices. In fact, we have a full scrutiny process, which is must to follow to make it 100% secure before uploading it.

All APK’s after modification is first going under process of scrutiny to make it safe and fully optimized for any type of device whether it is a window, android, or iOS.

After all, this if you still have some confusions you may install a free premium antivirus.

  1. How can we transform the baby dragon into a monster?

There are two main procedures through which you can empower your dragon. One is to unlock a powerful dragon from a shop but for this, you have a pay hell of gems and gold for it. And the other one is to choose two dragons and breed them to get a baby dragon, by egg hatching. You must strong care of the egg and after this baby dragon till making and empowering it more and more. Normally egg hatch process takes time around 60 hours. And you must wait till that.

  1. What strategy a beginner should adopt to win the battle?

Normally this is a step by step process to learn but here we are giving some basic tips and tricks to follow if you want to win from start.

Tip1: Compare the dragons and choose two of them with the best qualities to breed.

Tip2: If you do not want to invest in the start then you must complete your daily activity goals to collect gems and gold.

Tip3: If you want to collect gems and gold then you must not challenge the experienced dragons.

Tip4: Train your dragons in alliance events to get some experience.

Tip5: In order to get some extra gems and gold you just built your own habitats. This has a one-time cost but after that, you will get more gems and gold.

  1. Can we play the Dragon City Game Offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline. There are some features which are only possible if you are playing it online, i.e. social features like online leaderboard, Facebook connection. And in online mode graphics are much vibrant and bright.

  1. What is the latest version of the Dragon City Game?

The latest version of Dragon City is version 11.1.0 for Android.

  1. Can we use the Dragon City Game on P.C?

Yes, you can play the game on a computer, while using android emulator app on a computer. Sometimes you will feel much better experience on a computer due to better graphics.


Final Verdict:

So, in last we just say that Dragon City Mod APK’s fully updated version has been provided here. If you are interested to build your dragon virtual city than download this with 100% free unlimited food, gems, gold, and orbs. If you are facing some problems then go to Q&A as given above, you may put your query here in the comment box.

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Everyone sees in the game very successful gamers, it’s hard to imagine how much money was spent on the game, if they have such a reserve of resources. In fact, they could easily get them using Dragon City hack, with the help of cheat codes everyone can wind up gems and additional gold for free. These tricks work for Android, iOS devices and will become your assistant as soon as you learn the method.

Hundreds of species of dragons are available on one of the most popular farms on mobile devices. The number of downloads in hundreds of millions of users say not only about the love of dragons, but also the quality of the game. The overall score on Google Play 4.6, which is quite a lot to play with millions of downloads. Many sites offer to download Dragon City mod to get a lot of money. But this method of hacking the game is unsafe, and you will not be able to fully use the resources you receive for all updates. Use the bonus codes and get additional sets on the account for free and without downloading.

Dragon City Hack:

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To develop a farm with dragons is much more interesting when there are enough crystals and money on the account. This allows you to develop the city faster, unlock rare buildings and quickly complete assignments. In addition, hundreds of species of lizards are available in the game, you can make Dragon City cross and receive more unique pets. Develop their abilities. do more for further battle. This simulator is an excellent entertainment for both adults and children.

Each dragon has its own element: fire, earth, sea, ice, darkness, lightning, legend, strength, and ice. They have their advantages and disadvantages, during the passage you will be able to choose the right team for the tasks. Unite hundreds of dragons in your city and expand your possessions. Build incubators in the sky, create new species that will be more effective in combat

Features of the game Dragon City:

  • 500 species of dragons, breed and cross them;
  • Create a unique city of dragons and equip it;
  • Challenge friends and other players in PvP mode;
  • Unite in alliances;
  • Participate in daily quests and quests;
  • Beautiful 3D graphics, a vibrant world and hundreds of unique dragons;
  • Simple management.

The graphics of the game is one of the best in this genre, colorful with high detail and smooth animation. Master the management skills will be able to child, hacked Dragon City is just as easy. For this, you do not need to download mod files for a lot of money, or get root, jailbreak right. Our codes work on Android, iOS devices. Using facebook you can save your achievements in the game and at any time back to the passage.

The game developers update the game every week, adding new pets and assignments. This is a vivid example of an excellent mix of two genres, farm + fights in the arena. The beginner first needs to take care of the farm and spend all the money for improving and raising the level. This will unlock the high-level dragons and assemble a strong team. More experienced players will use the Dragon City cheats to get the celestial farm and access to the most powerful dragons. This money is enough to create one of the most powerful army of dragons, it is enough to properly use the resources received.

Buy paid eggs, use accelerators to quickly get new dragons into the team. The codes will allow you to find rare artifacts and have a significant advantage. Follow the tips in the instructions and get a lot of money on the account for free.

Free Download Dragon City Offline For Android Emulator

The Dragon City Hack makes it possible that you can basically receive an unlimited quantity of free Gems, Gold and Food for Dragon City within just a little amount of time and very little effort at almost all. The Dragon City Cheat is completely unengaged to use and you’ll generate as much Gems, Gold and Food when you desire. If you want to receive more Gems, Gold and Food for Dragon City while using Dragon City Hack Tool then feel free to simply use the Dragon City Cheats again. The Dragon City Hack Tool work for Android, iOS and Facebook which you decide on before using the cheat.

Dragon City is a great facebook addictive game , that’s for sure . This will result in a virtual world full of dragons. The game is free , Dragon City Cheating is also free! But you have to spend real money to access different functions and have more gold , food or gems. Why spend real money for a game that is free ? This is stupid ! That is why I made this powerful tool that will give you the unlimited food undetectable gold or gems.

About Dragon City Game :

Best Games For Android Offline

Build a magical world in Dragon City! Gain hundreds of dragons, breed them and make them level up in order to become a Dragon Master!

Train your dragons for battle and show off their strength by engaging in combat with other players!
Enjoy a full experience playing on your Android phone or tablet, as well as on Facebook. Now you can take care of your dragons anytime, anywhere!

Dragon City is a virtual world in which you can obtain many types of dragons by breeding them and level them up until you become the best Dragon Master on the grid.

Hatch new eggs, feed the youngest ones all the time, breed them with other dragons and bring new creatures with great powers to life. Put the best adults to fight and be the best of the best trainer.

It’s a big responsibility and it takes time, detailed knowledge about the dragons and lots of recourses. That is why we are here to make your Dragon City day more easy through a specially developed Hack Tool that can give you unlimited access to resources (Food, Gold, Gems) and all that you will need in this game. Becoming a Dragon Master now it’s easy and safe and it’s a just few clicks away.

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Free Download Dragon City Offline For Android Free

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Dragon City Apk Offline Free Download For Android

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Dragon City” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations