Gritzner Durlach Sewing Machine Serial Numbers

In 1868, Max Carl Gritzner, was a citizen of the United States and he was temporarily residing at Bruchsal, in the Grand Duchy of Baden.

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  2. Gritzner Durlach Sewing Machine Serial Numbers

Gritzner Durlach Sewing Machine Serial Numbers Chart

Gritzner Durlach Sewing Machine Serial Numbers

He have invented certain new and useful improvements in mechanism for making button-holes and zig-zag ornaments, sewing around edges, &c.

Said mechanism were applicable to various systems of one and two-thread sewing machines without changing their character as ordinary sewing machines, for which he applied for a patent in the Empire of France in the month of September, 1867 and secured by Letters Patent in the United States of America in the month of April, 1868 (US 76.323).

In 1872Max Carl Gritzner founded a company to produce sewing machines, bicycles and motorcycles based in Durlach who became the largest sewing machine factory in Europe.

Serial number 1211735 A Naome Namur I am not sure of the particulars of this machine as I am not expert on it. It was taken over by the Gritzner company from Karlsruhe, Durlach. (this could be the Gritzner serial number at that time). Hi Point Firearms Serial Number Location. /hack-clash-of-clans-android-1/. 000 sewing machine were made. Gritzner durlach serial number.

In 1874 the company employs 99 workers.

Clash of clans ringtone free download. In 1881 thefactory wascompletely destroyed by fire, ribuilt and then added the production of sewing machines furniture.

In 1884 the company employs 370 workers.

In 1886, thecompany was converted intoa Aktiengesellschaftby the name of'Nähmaschinenfabrik, formerly Gritzner& Co, A.G.' withstock exchange listingin Berlin and Frankfurt.

In 1891opening of its owniron foundryand a Department ofsteam machines and pumps.

In 1894 the company employs 1.432 workers.

Gritzner Durlach Sewing Machine Serial Numbers


In 1897 the company started production of bicycles, which were built under the brand 'Turmberg'.

From 1903motorcycles wereproduced. Evenpumpsandsteam engines weretemporarilyin the production program.

In 1905 the company works covers a floor area of 90.000 sqm and produces with about 3.000 workers and 6 steam engines with 1.700 horsepower and with 2.000 working machines, an average of 400 sewing machines per day. The conceived in constant increase in production capacity for bicycles and motorcycles amounts currently 20.000 pieces per year.