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Nowadays, most people tend to use as much password protection as they can get. This usually means using password-protected accounts or using software programs that can add that kind of protection to their files, such as encryption software.


Of course, this begs the question: what happens if you lose your passwords? Thankfully, losing your passwords is not as catastrophic as it sounds; most applications allow you to reset your passwords. Programs that allow you to set password protection usually have tools to let you remove it, such as a PDF Password Removertool to unlock PDFs. Losing your password is not necessarily the end of the world for you.

Oct 11, 2018 HDD Unlock Wizard free download, safe, secure and tested for viruses and malware by LO4D. HDD Unlock Wizard for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 in 32-bit or 64-bit. The latest version of HDD Unlock Wizard v4.2 and the size of this installer is 2.61 MB. A-FF Data Recovery distributes this program 100% free of charge. HDD Unlock Wizard is a user-friendly application which allows you to easily unlock IDE and SATA Hard disk drives. This tool will remove an unknown User or Master password and your hard drive will be ready for use. While unlocking, HDD Unlock Wizard will erase and re-certify the drive.

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Key Functions of Password Remover Software

One useful type of program for unlocking locked files is File Unlocker Tools, which allow you to unlock your files in case of emergencies. This includes unlocking your files if you lose your password, or if the files become locked off by malware. There are specific functions that that password remover software can perform that allow them to help you with any issues that may arise, including:

  • Password Reset – You might have considered getting these programs to help you recover your passwords. You also have the option to reset your passwords so that you can replace them, or you can remove the passwords entirely if you want.
  • Data Recovery – These programs can also help you if you have lost any data; they can scan your system and recover any data that has been lost, deleted, or corrupted. You need not worry if any of your files should be lost, as there are tools available to let you get them back.
  • Backup – The programs can also help you if you have to backup your entire hard drive. If you had to restore your hard drive, or if you were just transferring your data, you can use these programs. They can also be used to create partitions in your hard drive if you had to.

CmosPwd For Mac

ASUS Disk Unlocker For Windows

HDD Unlock – Most Popular Software

How Else Can Password Remover Software Help You?

These programs are a convenient tool, mainly because of how flexible they are. Aside from their main function of removing password protection from your hard drive, they can serve other needs. Some of these needs they serve can also help ensure the security of your system, like Exif Remover Software. Some of these conveniences include:

  • Recovery of Files – These programs do come with software that allows them to recover lost files. This can give you more peace of mind in knowing that your most important files can be saved even if they should somehow be corrupted or lost.
  • Emergency Use – In the event that you cannot access your devices, any data on them is potentially lost. But with these programs, you should be able to unlock your device and the data inside.
  • Security Bonuses – Some modern forms of malware can actually lock your files from any access and hold them for ransom. These programs can unlock files locked up in such a manner, so you are protected from such extortion.

These programs are useful for more than just their basic purpose, as evidenced by how many potential uses they have. For the sake of your own peace of mind, you might consider using these yourself.

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An experimental program to analyse your HDD, so you can see the health and the performance in detail. It can also perform surface tests.

What's new in Victoria 5.36:

  • Through the log menu, now not the log itself opens, but the folder with it. The log itself is still opened by double clicking on the window using the default Windows text editor.
  • ! An attempt was made to fix a bug with freezing of some HGST models on versions 5.34 and 5.35. For this purpose, the algorithm for detecting 'drives-werewolves' has been changed, and the likelihood of WD technological commands getting into HGST has been significantly reduced.
  • Rewrote procedure for detecting real HGSTs. Now it works via USB too. Even on bridges that block registers.
  • I got an Apple computer where in the GPT partition table, CHS is not equal to 0/0/2 and the size is FFFFFFE instead of FFFFFFFF. Victoria's GPT parser did not recognize such a table. I had to finalize the program.
Read the full changelog

If you're the type of person who doesn't prefer storing files on external devices like CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives and decides to save files exclusively on the HDD/SSD, you might want to make sure nothing that will cause the loss of your documents will happen.

One simple way of doing that is by merely keeping an eye on your hard disk drive's performance stats and without the help of specialized, third-party software solutions such as Victoria HDD Utility, that would be almost impossible.

Track your hard drive's well-being

This application was designed to help you assess the performance of your hard disk drive by providing you with a wide range of useful insight data, but it can also be used to test for minor issues and even repair them if possible.

Among the details the app is able to analyze you can find the hard disk's model, disk size, features, and total size, but also more advanced ones such as S.M.A.R.T. attributes (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), including the raw read error rate, number of spin-up times, seek error rate, start/stop count and power-on time.

Perform scans

As mentioned above, you can use Victoria to perform surface scans on your HDDs in order to identify potential issues. Each sector that's subjected to the scan is marked according to its performance index.

The application is able to ignore, remap, erase or restore the data in sectors where errors were detected, providing you with several possibilities regarding the course of action you want to follow in this situation. Room temperature app for mac.


Simple configuration menu

If you're the tinkerer type, you might want to adjust some of the application's settings, which can be easily done by accessing the 'Setup' tab in the main window of the program.

Some settings regarding the program’s functionality and interface are recommended for advanced users. These include the timeout length for various procedures, some common presets and passport options, but also some settings that are related to the surface scanning.

Handy HDD benchmark tool

To sum it up, Victoria is a comprehensive tool that can come in handy quite often. Its intuitive layout and overall simplicity make it quite easy to work with for all users, regardless of how experienced they are with this type of programs.

The newest version also supports SSD.

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Victoria was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu
  • Pentium 1300 MHz
  • 15Mb RAM free
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Victoria 5.36

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