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HitFilm Pro supports a huge number of media file formats, including all the most commonly used video, image and audio file types, and a wide range of 3D file formats. Work with up to 8K video and 32-bit color for high-end, professional projects. With an export queue and intuitive presets, you can step away from your desk and leave HitFilm to do.

The all-in-one editing, 3D & VFX software – HitFilm 11 Pro is the biggest new version we’ve ever released. It’s going to transform your filmmaking. Again.Visual Effects. Compositing. Video editing. HitFilm 6 Pro’s huge visual effects library ranges from cutting edge particle effects to procedural fire, 3D muzzle flashes and color grading.

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Particle simulator (Upgraded!)
New emitter types and 3D model textures
3D camera projection (New!)
Turn images into photoreal 3D scenes
Atomic particles (Upgraded!)
Create atomic arrays from 3D models
Tracked masks with mocha (Upgraded!)
Apply mocha tracked data to HitFilm masks
Pro denoiser (New!)
Based on the latest academic research
20+ effects (New!)
Major new 2D effects
Grading tools (New!)
Curves have arrived
3D models (Upgraded!)
Higher fidelity & new rendering options
Editor (Upgraded!)
Full sized trimmer

Performance & interface (New!)
Background proxying & UI redesign
Formats & pipeline (New!)
16-bit OpenEXR in-to-out
OpenFX & HitFilm Plugins (New!)
OpenFX plugins inside HitFilm & HitFilm Plugins inside your other software

3D models as particle textures
Ever wanted to generate fleets of spaceships or helicopters, procedural cities, swarms of creatures – all with full lighting support, shadow casting and self-shadowing?

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Now take any 3D model and plug it into the particle simulator to create visuals that simply were not possible before.
And, of course, it’s all rendered in the true unified 3D space, so you can composite your 3D particles in and around your other 3D layers.

Emit from layers
It’s now easy to birth particles from actors, product logos or anything else. Any video, image or embedded comp layer can now be used as an emitter source, utilizing both alpha and color data into the particle generation.

3D camera projection
Ever found during an edit that there’s that one extra shot you need which was never filmed? Or maybe somebody left camera equipment in view which needs removing? 3D camera projection provides solutions and redefines what you thought was possible.

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Photoreal virtual shots
Take a photo of your set or location, convert it to a projected 3D scene and create an entirely new, photorealistic shot, complete with 3D camera movement.

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Easy object removal
Create a clean reference frame, project it onto simple 3D geometry and use a 3D camera track to remove objects from moving camera shots. Perfect for switching from real to digital actors or objects mid-shot.

Total effect enhancement
Thanks to camera projection, effects such as pond ripples and the new rain on glass can now be applied realistically to any surface with accurate displacement. Visio pid template download.