How To Install Heated Visor Plug On Snowmobile

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Brand new, genuine Ski-Doo Snowmobile Heated Visor Wiring/Harness Kit. Instructions are included. This is a factory original accessory, not aftermarket. Part number 861508300 Keep your electric visor fog-resistant with this easy to install plug-in visor kit. I had to install the wire for my heated snowmobile helmet shield since I don't have a Ski-doo modular helmet yet. My helmet is approximately 15 years old but still. How To Hook Up Wires To Snowmobile For Heated Visor, Hooking Up Heated Visor On A Snowmobile, How To Install A Heated Helmet Hook Up, How To Hook Up The Wireing For A Heat Sheld.

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How to install heated visor plug on snowmobile without battery

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Heated Visor Plug Install

How To Install Heated Visor Plug On Snowmobile

I'll step you through this, but once your in there it's pretty self explanatory. First pull your tach out of dash (it's easy two nuts is all that holds it in) get your test light out, start sled and check for a constant power source. Unplug tach and go to bench an unscrew the connection you found to have power. Using a round socketed electrical connector wire to the power source and put it back together. Find a black wire on the back of tach and test it as ground and do the same procedure as in the last connection. Now find a place suitable for your ski doo plug (p/n 860 702 700 or 861 506 600 thats the expensive one(20.00) with extra lead wire and decal. A good dealer will have p/ns for the harness and plug cap only should cost ya bout 12-15 bucks) drill your hole for plug cap. Now here's a helpful tip. The harness is wired wrong from the factory. make sure you check to see you have power after hooking it up INSIDE THE COAXIAL CONNECTION not out side. Put the test light in the female portion of the connection to be sure the power is in there. (if not just switch your power and grounds on the connection) not at the tach. Put the tach back in feed your wires to the skidoo connection and use COVERED FEMALE CONNECTORS so they don't move and touch each other and ground each other out. Hook up the connections test for power with sled running and enjoy a factory looking non cobbled plug in for your heated shield. Here are some pics for you to follow. If you have questions post them and I'll try to answer them.

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How To Install Heated Visor Plug On Snowmobile Battery

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Heated Visor Kit

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