Luminous Solar Home Ups 850va User Manual

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Luminous Ups Home 850VA Hybrid Ask a question: 0 Answers 850VA 12VDC Pure Sine Wave 680W Home UPS takes 1 x 12V Battery Overview Luminous Solar Hybrid Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)is designed with high end micro controller based design & enables pure sine wave output and high peak power output capacity. Customer Care: 1800-103-3039 Sales Support: +91 8906-008-008 WhatsApp Number: +91 7042-833-939. Luminous Inverter Luminous zelio home ups is india's most intelligent home ups with features such as power back up time display in hours & minutes, hassle free battery water level maintenance, mcb protection and is equipped with bypass switch which keeps supplying output from grid even in case of inverter faults key features: inverter power backup display time in hours & minutes running load. Luminous In Brief Luminous is the most trusted brand in Home UPS and Inverter Batteries in India. With more than 2 decades of expertise in Home UPS and more than 1 decade of expertise in Inverter Batteries, Luminous today is among the leading players in the market with 7 manufacturing units, more than 28 sales offices in India and presence in over. APC 1500VA Inverter, Home UPS BI1500SINE-IN Sine wave 0 - 24 Months Free Delivery and Installation in Bangalore, Mysore COD, Best Prices, Honestly Brand new.


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    Luminous 850VA/12V Solar Hybrid Inverter/Home UPS

    Luminous 850VA/12V Solar Hybrid Inverter/Home UPS

    • Solar hybrid Inverter with inbuilt 30 amp PWM Charge controller
    • Delivers both AC & DC output
    • Up to 600W PV Module solar panel compatibility
    • Intelligent fuzzy logic technology
    • Saves on electricity bill
    • Pure Sine wave output for equipment safety
    • Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off protection
    • Offers Battery Selection for best results – Tubular/ Flat / Gel or VLRA
    • Informative Display Panel showing: Mains available, Battery Charging through Mains, Battery Charging through Solar Panel, Voltage regulation display, Power savings, Load output through Battery, Low Battery Indication, Overload Indication

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Get the best inverter deal with the affordable Luminous 850VA/12V Solar Hybrid Inverter - an inverter that comes with built-in solar charge controller, meaning that it is solar-ready. With the Luminous 850VA solar hybrid inverter, there's no need worrying about what charge controller to buy, if you decide to go solar. The 850VA hybrid is equipped with the solar charge controller that is required for solar charging. What's more, this charge controller is internal and is one installed by the manufcturer of the inverter, best suited for its charging performance.

With the Luminous 850VA Solar Hybrid, no extra expenditure on solar charge controller will be required, meaning you immediately get a lot of savings. You also count on the fact that you get the assurance of quality, using the charge controller fitted by the inverter manufacturer. It couldn't get any better!

With the Luminous 850VA Solar Hybrid inverter, you simply install your solar panel and you are good to go. And when it comes to choosing the solar panel to you, you can find them right here. Check the list of product accessories for the 850VA as listed below and you can add your choice to your order for the Luminous 850VA Solar Hybrid.


This 850VA Luminous is a 12V inverter, meaning you require just a single battery of 12V to run the inverter. A 200Ah battery will be recommended and you can pick from the battery options from the accessories tab for this product. this inverter capacity cn run your 2 fans, 1 TV (modest-sized), say 6 CFL light points and a few other low-power-consumption devices like decoder.

Luminous inverters are sold in Nigeria with 1 year manufacturer's warranty and backed with reliable after-sales support.

Luminous 850VA/12V Hybrid (Solar) Inverter: Key Features Summary

  • Intelligent logic control (simultaneous charging solar-mains with priority to solar)
  • Pure sine wave UPS with 85% efficiency
  • Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT)
  • Inbuilt charge controller with 98% efficiency
  • Intelligent battery monitoring
  • Battery charging commences at 110Volt mains voltage
  • Equipped with battery type selection
  • Output for both AC as well as DC.
  • Battery safety – deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, battery type selection
  • Pure sine wave UPS output
  • DC load O/P of 12V 20amp in 850VA and 12V 5Amp in 1500VA
  • Wide choice of panel: 400W to 1000W (500VA , 850VA & 1500VA)

Luminous 850VA/12V Hybrid (Solar) Inverter: Specifications

685 Watts
  • Luminous 200Ah/12V ..
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  • New Upgraded Quanta..
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    Sukam Chetak Single Battery Trolley - Special Design Battery..

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Luminous solar home ups 850va user manual pdf
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Luminous Solar Home Ups 850va Manual

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