Microkorg Vst Free Download

  1. Korg microKxR is an AudioUnit and VST Editor / Librarian plug-in to control 1st gen Korg microKorg hardware synthesizer right from your DAW. This plug-in works as AudioUnit and/or VST plug-in in all DAWs.
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I’ve created this document to help people install my microKORG bank onto their synth, but it should be helpful to anyone.

There are two primary methods of getting patches into your microKORG. The quickest is if you have a MIDI interface/cable, you use KORG’s microKORG Sound Editor (or any SysEx-capable software) to transfer, manage, and backup your patches. The other way is to manually input the patches using the dials and knobs on the synth.

Download The microKORG Sound Editor Software From KORG’s Website

18th October 2009. The microKORG has a very similar engine (stripped down) to the MS2000 which is a VA version of the classic MS20. Korg have a VST version of the MS20. You might like to try there. You can buy it for 6,90 € / $ 7,90 on my Homepage: my KORG 'MicroKorg Midi Editor' is the first VST- PlugIn Editor /Co.

Visit the link corresponding to your synth and download either the “Win” or “Mac” version of the software:

Download game zeus and poseidon. For the MicroKORG:

For the MicroKORG S:

Opening The Patches

Windows microKORG Sound Editor

On a Windows machine, once you’ve installed the microKORG Sound Editor it will create a folder in your “Documents” or “My Documents” folder called “KORG.” Under that will be two folders, one called “My Library” and another folder called “My Setup.” Each of those folders will have a sub-folder called “microKORG” in it. Place any any .PRG files you have into the “My Library/microKORG” folder, and place any .SET files that you have in
“My Setup/microKORG” folder.


Here’s a video where I walk through installing the microKORG Sound Editor for Windows and show where to place the files so that they are accessible from within the microKORG Sound Editor software:

On Mac, all you need to do is open the bank file.

SysEx Alternatives

There’s free software for Mac called SysEx Librarian that will allow you to transfer the patches one by one if you have them in .MID format.

On Windows you can do the same with MIDI OX.

Not Working?

I’ve thrown together a troubleshooting guide:

Synthesist Todd Smith has dropped a free collection of sounds for the classic KORG microKORG synthesizer.

Microkorg Vst Free Download

The microKORG has been on the market for 17 years – and it’s still a hugely popular synth, due to its price, versatility, unique sound and size. Disclosure, The Gorillaz, Joji and endless list of other artists, have all been known to use this little powerhouse synth.

From lush pads to sharp leads, this new microKORG sound library is a must-have. Todd Smith brings us the first bank of his “Best microKORG Sounds” pack.

The initial offering came a couple of days ago, with the release of 16 sounds for Bank A. Bank B (the pads) was just announced today with a sound demo posted to Smith’s youtube channel. The Bank A sound library is available now as a free download (Sysex format) and does a good job of showcasing the range of the microKORG, including pads, percussive plucks, leads and more.

Korg Microkorg Manual

Smith is also working on a Bank C currently and plans to “fill an entire microKORG with 100% free sounds“. Regardless, we’re in for a saucy collection of patches if the banks to come are anything like the first offering.

Microkorg Midi Controller

For more information visit Todd Smith’s YouTube channel or for a free download for Bank A hit the link here.