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Powered by the Equivalent Frame Method of analysis and design per latest American (ACI 318-14) and Canadian (CSA A23.3-14), spSlab v5.50 is widely used for analysis, design, and investigation of two-way slab systems (including waffle and slab bands), beams, and one-way slab. Start the process and then the software perfectly adjusts all paving slabs and creates a random paving pattern in just a few seconds. The random patio layout generated by the program can be manually modified by swapping group of paving slabs. If necessary, you can apply a cutting template to the paving layout.


Basic Bundle info

The Slabsmith “Basic Bundle” is the most common initial software purchase for a Fabricator. It includes all the features required to create digital slabs (Slab Maker™ module), to layout your templates on your digital slabs (Perfect Match™ module) and to manage your slab and remnant inventory (Slab Manager, Job Manager modules) as well as the Admin module for customizing the way Slabsmith works within your company.

ItemDescriptionIncludesPrice (USD)
“Basic Bundle”
• Create digital slabs
• Create layouts
• Manage slab/remnant inventory (basic inventory module)
• Manage layouts
• Create web images for live inventory on your web site.
• Administer and customize your Slabsmith installation
(The typical starting point for a new Slabsmith installation for a fabricator.)

• Slab Maker™
• Perfect Match™
• Calibration
• Slab Manager
• Job Manager
• Customer Manager
• DB Administration
• 1st year of Maintenance*

•1 USB Slab Maker™ security key
•1 USB Perfect Match™ security key


*Note: Users who are current on maintenance receive all new features for the product(s) they own plus unlimited technical support.

Free Slab Layout Software

Paving slab layout software

Slab Layout Software

Slab Maker™ info

Slab Maker™ is the typical initial purchase for a slab manufacturer. It includes the software required to create the highest quality digital photo’s available, plus automatic generation of web images for a web site, and management of the slab data.

ItemDescriptionIncludesPrice (USD)
Slab Maker™• Create digital slabs
• Create web images automatically from the digital slabs. Useful for live inventory on a web site.
• Manage slab data (basic inventory module)
• Administer and customize your Slabsmith installation

• Slab Maker™
• Slab Manager
• Calibration
• DB Administration
• 1st year of Maintenance

•1 USB Slab Maker™ security key

ItemDescriptionIncludesPrice (USD)

Scan module

Reconcile your slab database and do physical inventory utilizing a bar code scanner.
(Scanner sold separately)

Also included is the new Slabsmith Slab Browser that works on a tablet or desktop. The Slab Browser includes: Touch screen compatibility, the ability to ‘move’ the location of a slab, place slabs on hold for a customer, scan a rack to see all the slabs on a rack, get the properties of any slab and more.

• First Year of Maintenance$3,500.00

Locator module
The locator module is designed to automate locating a slab on your Saw to process it from your Slabsmith Layout. Targets are placed on the slab during the photo process which are used later during the sawing process to locate your slabs.

Locator can also be used manually by lining up the slab outline of the dxf file with the slab on the saw.

Note: Some of the current slab manufacturer’s creating Slabsmith .slab files on their polishing lines are beginning to place these targets on their slabs, this makes it easy to locate slabs obtained from these suppliers.

• 1 USB security key

• First Year of Maintenance

Slab Maker Lite

Slab Maker Lite module
The Slab Maker Light module includes all the features of Slab Maker except the ability to photograph slabs. It is designed to allow inventory entry into the Slabsmith inventory system by office personnel, etc. for non-photographed slabs.

Note: Slab Maker Lite requires a licensed Basic Bundle
Note: Multiple seat discounts are available, priced the same as additional Perfect Match seats. (see below)

• 1 USB security key
• First Year of Maintenance

If you already own Slabsmith but require additional seats of Perfect Match.

ItemDescriptionIncludesPrice (USD)
Perfect Match™
(single additional seat)
1 additional seat added to an existing “Basic Bundle”•Perfect Match™
•1 USB security key
Perfect Match™
(3 Pack)
3 additional seats added to an existing “Basic Bundle”•Perfect Match™
•3 USB security keys
Perfect Match™
(5 Pack)
5 additional seats added to an existing “Basic Bundle”•Perfect Match™
•5 USB security keys
Perfect Match™
(10 Pack)
10 additional seats added to an existing “Basic Bundle”•Perfect Match™
•10 USB security keys