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It sounds like pure magic. 10/10

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I don’t think I’ve heard as lifelike and as flexible a sampled choir as EastWest Hollywood Choirs. (Full Article)

What immediately becomes apparent with EastWest’s Hollywood Choirs – even before one engages the deep WordBuilder option – is that this is easily the best sounding choir on the market. From media composers to more traditional composers, Hollywood Choirs certainly is a front-runner for Virtual Instrument of the Year.

EastWest always sounds classy, genuine, professional and - as needed - very tender or cinematically large. The recordings are very warm and do not sound as if they've been edited to death. In addition, EastWest goes out of their way to make sure that their libraries, both dry and reverberant, sound great and are easy to embed in any production.

Hollywood Choirs is beautifully recorded. It sounds crystal clear and pristine, but not cold and clinical and it is rather dry when you turn off the built in reverb, which allows the user more control, if less instant gratification. With the reverb on though, you get the instant gratification.

Symphonic Choir Vst

A huge collection of choral shouts, risers, falls, sweeps, swells, clusters and other essential symphonic and experimental choral effects of all kinds. Over 20 unique sustaining vowels (ah, ay, eh, ee, ih, mm, oh, oo and more) with up to 4 independent round-robin variations on. HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS is a beautifully recorded, all new, choirs virtual instrument from Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the producers of Symphonic Choirs, the best-selling and most awarded virtual choir of.

HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS is a beautifully recorded, all new, choirs virtual instrument from Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the producers of Symphonic Choirs, the best-selling and most awarded virtual choir of all time.

HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS features a blockbuster female and male choir with unprecedented dynamics that will instantly transform your next project into a cinematic masterpiece.

HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS also includes WordBuilder 2 (see new features below). WordBuilder allows the composer to type in any word or phrase and have it sung by the choir.


HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS also includes 781 'editable' pre-built WordBuilder phrases in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Latin that are exclusive to this product. This is the fastest and easiest way to compose your choir tracks or the presets can be used as a starting point to create your own custom phrases.

Symphonic Choirs Vst Free Download

HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS Diamond Edition includes a 13 microphone user-controllable setup (including a Neumann Dummy Head) designed for surround sound and virtual reality, an essential feature for film, TV, and game composers.

HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS delivers that powerful, blockbuster sound that all composers are seeking and opens up new 3D soundscapes that will help create incredible and emotional journeys for your audiences for many years to come.

'This is the third choir EastWest/Quantum Leap has recorded,' says EastWest producer Doug Rogers, 'we learnt a lot from the previous productions and Hollywood Choirs is the culmination of that experience. In particular, the choirs' ability to sing any word or phrase has been significantly improved resulting in more realism; and there are many more sound options to enable the user to sculpt the sound to their requirements.'

'In the past 12 years, there have been many attempts by others to improve on what EastWest/Quantum Leap achieved with Symphonic Choirs,' says EastWest producer Nick Phoenix, 'Small improvements were made to various aspects of choir sampling, but the emphasis has been on pre-recorded and severely limited phrases. If composers are not tired of hearing the same faux Latin phrases repeated over and over, those listening certainly are. No single choir virtual instrument has managed to deliver a fluid, intuitive and great sounding choir that was capable of singing any words in any language, soft or loud .. until now.'

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A New and Improved WordBuilder

Hollywood Choirs includes a new version of WordBuilder, the program that allows you to type in words and have them sung by a choir. Please see below for descriptions of these new features, plus many under-the-hood enhancements.

  • All New Phrases: 781 'editable' phrase presets in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin.
  • All New Phenomes: New vowel and consonants added for increased realism.
  • Frequency Dependent Consonants: Non-pitched consonants now sampled with high and low frequency variations.
  • Global Phoneme Balance: Vowels, Pitched Consonants and Non-Pitched Consonants have volume sliders that allow you to adjust the relative balance between phonemes.
  • Independent Handling: All consonants that fall at the end of a word are now handled independent of those that begin a word, resulting in more realistic delivery of words.
  • Consonant Volume Scaling: WordBuilder detects the number of notes in a chord and applies volume scaling to consonants to ensure the they remain at an intelligible level.
  • Alternative Takes of Non-Pitched Consonants: The importance non-pitched consonants play in creating intelligible words led to the development of a new feature that provides the user with complete control over alternative takes. Instead of using a traditional 'round robin' system that cycles through alternative takes, often leading to inconsistent results, users can now define a specific alternative take of all non-pitched consonants by using a numbering system. For example, if the first 'S' at the start of the word doesn't sound right repeated later in the word, you can try 'S2', 'S3', or 'S4' until you find an alternate take that sounds more realistic. For more detail about this feature, download the Hollywood Choirs Manual or Quick Guide.
  • Parameter Grouping: Volume, Pan and Microphone Mix changes are applied across all instruments within a WB Multi. Combined with the existing Reverb Master functionality that applies reverb across all instruments within an instance of Play, shaping the mix any way you want is easier than ever.
  • Sync to DAW: Now you can synchronize the position in WordBuilder’s Text Editor to your DAW’s sequencer playback.
  • Ease of Use: Hollywood Choirs was recorded with combined Men and Women sections, allowing for an increase in overall power of the choir by taking advantage of the overlapping ranges. As an added benefit, this makes setting up WordBuilder with just 2 Voice Types much easier.

The Venus Women’s Symphonic Choir is powerful, flexible and an exquisitely recorded 33-voice female choral library for professional scoring and arrangement. It includes pure vowels, classical Latin and Slavic (Orthodox-Russian) content, as well as a large collection of choral effects (shouts, whistles, bunches, hums, whispers, and more).

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We spent 10 days at our beloved church recording a 33-voice female choir featuring top-notch talents from Volti, the SF Symphony Choir and the SF Choir Society, capturing every subtle nuance of the female human voice. Venus is strength, clarity, and fluidity. It includes 2 microphone positions (stage and audience) so composers have the flexibility to easily incorporate the brilliant, natural sound of Venus into their mix. Venus ascended into the night sky to join her male choral counterpart, the symphonic male choir of Mars.


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Venus offers unrivaled value, with an excellent range of detailed articulations, reliable sonic presence, and superior true Legato fluidity at an affordable price. You can also pair it with the Mars Symphony Male Choir in the Olympus Choir Kit for a special ultra low price!