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Discontinued Toyota Factory Decals, Stripe Kits & Tailgate Logos!

Kits usually take 3-7 business days before shipping.**

All parts manufactured will carry authentic Mopar part numbers and be produced from original Mopar molds, cores, and engineering data. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR MOPAR GEN II HEMI INFO SHEET For questions, builders and racers should contact Callies by calling their sales office at (419) 435-2711.

Download your own TOYOTA STRIPE CATALOG complete with pics and part #'s. Toyota Stripe Catalog 1981-88 Toyota Stripe Catalog 1989-95 Toyota Stripe Catalog 1981-98 Decal Installation Instructions. TPMS or a Tire Pressure Monitoring System is fitted to Toyota cars to provide a warning of low pressure on any one of four or five tires on the vehicle (five if TPMS fitted in spare). A TPMS from one of two manufacturers is fitted as part of the valve assembly in all Toyota cars according to the table shown below.

If you are on a time frame please call at time of order.

Go to year of vehicle, scroll to model you need, pick side and color and click 'Add to Cart'.

Reproductions of TOYOTA oem stripe kits and logos!*

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All orders come with stripe kit, application squeegee and instructions.

Call my cell at 520-444-5863 or email me at [email protected] for info or to check stock.

Printed kits must be paid for in advance and usually take 3-7 business days before shipping.**

Priority Mail Shipping only refers to shipping method, NOT THAT PROCESSING THE ORDER IS RUSHED.

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JDC stripes are made with oem approved 3M / Avery Automotive Grade High Performance Vinyl.

Download your own TOYOTA STRIPE CATALOG complete with pics and part #'s.

Toyota Stripe Catalog 1981-88Toyota Stripe Catalog 1989-95Toyota Stripe Catalog 1981-98

Decal Installation Instructions.

Do Not let decal backing paper get wet at any time previous to removal. Do Not let anything touch the back of the decal after exposed, especially fingers, most important with stripes printed on clear. Hold stripe by liner only. Large decals SHOULD NOT be applied to fresh paint that is still out-gassing (small solvent bubbles may occur in decal - This is NOT covered by warranty). 2-3 days recommended if baked, 5-7 if air cured. See paint manufactures guidelines for specific times.

Prep vehicle based on condition. New paint should be cleaned with an alcohol wipe to remove any dirt or compounds. Factory or non-new paint should be prepped with a tar, wax and grease remover prior to cleaning with alcohol. After cleaning, tack dust or lint off prior to installation (most kits are printed on clear, allowing dust or dirt to show through).

Decal shall be applied with a soapy water solution (5 or 6 drops of non fragranced dish soap, not squirts, per quart of water) in a spray bottle. Ivory or Dawn are suggested for soaps. Up to 30% of alcohol can added to solution depending on weather conditions to aid in drying. Test by spraying on glass, mixture should sheet, not separate into droplets. If decal grabs too aggressively, add more soap one drop at a time until correct mixture for your conditions is achieved. Too much soap can compromise the strength of the adhesive.

After vehicle is cleaned and tacked of any dust or lint build up, remove decal backing and spray both vehicle and adhesive side of decal. Set in place and work out water solution with a squeegee evenly from the center out. Remove liner off decal after sufficient setup and dry time has occurred. Wetting liner can help lessen its grip for an easier removal.

Decal Care Instructions.

Stripes should be cared for the same way as your paint. They can be waxed for added protection. Make sure the wax says that it is vinyl graphic safe. Most waxes or paint care products without abrasives are safe. Always rub with the stripe, not against or across. Never aim a high pressure washer or air nozzle close to or directly at your stripe. Remember, if it can hurt your paint or skin, it can hurt your stripe.

Decal removal Instructions.

Removal of decals varies based on condition of striping on the vehicle. In general the newer the decal the easier they are to remove and the least amount of image left behind. Experience is really the only way to assess the best way to remove a stripe, if even possible. Here are some suggestions though.


If a stripe is still soft, pliable and not dried out, removal can be done with a heat gun and some pulling. Gently warm the area ahead of you and pull on the stripe with and shallow stretching motion.Do not pull out and away from the vehicle (such as at a 90 degree angle) for this will leave behind more glue for you to clean off. After stripe is removed use a solvent such as Xylol or Xylene which can be found at most hardware stores. Be careful however, this usually won't hurt factory paint, but it might damage repaints. Test an area first. If the rag drags on the paint or starts to leave marks, use a milder solvent. Soak the glue area till it softens with a solvent wet rag. Rub glue to remove. Repeat till glue is gone. A vinyl squeegee may help to scrape or wipe softened glue off, but use extreme caution.

If stripe is dry and or cracked, a vinyl and adhesive removal tool, such as the 2 versions by 3M,will be needed. They can be used by a do it yourselfer, but is better left to a professional at a stripe specialty facility such as Auto Trim Design. These methods can quickly damage paint (especially older or repaints) if not familiar with there effects. After stripe and glue is removed with removal wheels, there will be some glue residue that will need to be cleaned in the same manner listed above. Older stripe however will leave a scar in the paint that will either need to be recovered or repainted. Adding a little rubbing compound to your final cleaning rag will help diminish the scar and equalize the difference from the exposed paint and the stripe covered paint.

Most importantly, be careful, use gloves with any solvents and work in a well ventilated area.Never use a razor blade of any kindto remove stripes or decals. They can leave nasty gouges and cuts in both you and your paint.

See Stripe Warranty

* Most printed kits are panel matches, programmed from scans of original oem kits. However a few kits because of original offset drum printing (i.e. some early Trucks & 4Runners, 90-91), mild color differences in my print method and/or fading, look better if whole side or logo is replaced. A few kits were made from tracings of oem installed stripes and have our own blend or fade pattern. Most customers would probably never notice, unless under close scrutiny with a magnifying glass.

** We have most programmed most kits based on demand and need. Kits that still need to be programmed (NPY) will take longer before they will ship. Time will vary based on kit. James Dean Creations has no, nor implies affiliation with Toyota of America.

*** PayPal or James Dean Creations does not share your info with any other persons or businesses.

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TPMS Toyota Fault Diagnosis

TPMS replacement is called for when the TPMS fails due to mechanical or electrical failure, broken accelerometer, low TPMS battery power or blocked pressure port. One of the most common causes of failure is inappropriate handling during wheel or tire removal or servicing. The TPMS is an electronic component fitted as part of a heavyweight mechanical process.

Before attempting to replace a Toyota TPMS we advise the use of one our Bartec TPMS tools to establish the need for replacement and the nature of the fault. This may support a warranty claim but will also ensure that the dealer or tire shop is covered for liability claims. The legal position is that as soon as the dealer breaks down the wheel then he becomes liable and cannot allow the car to be driven away from his shop with the TPMS warning light still on. Many dealers have found that customers will not accept the costs for repair and may attribute any breakage to the dealer if there is no audit trail.

Bartec tools offer the capability to carry out a TPMS audit of the car and then show the customer the audit results from the screen or download them to a PC and print the audit results to show to the customer so that a cost can be agreed and the go ahead given before work commences. It is important to have a tool which can distinguish the correct TPMS in order to avoid picking up the transmission of other TPMS sensors, key fobs etc. It is important to limit your liability for any problems which occur.

The TPMS tool should be able to decode the transmission from the sensor and display the data. This will enable the technician to establish if the sensor has failed or is not fitted, whether the pressure port on the sensor is blocked, where the part is running at too high a temperature and other diagnostic information which might be included in the specific sensor (e.g. if there is a low battery condition on the TPMS). The direct TPMS will be attached to the back of the tire valve.

TPMS Toyota Service Guide

The Bartec 'Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Guide' contains comprehensive information on the mechanical and electrical procedure for TPMS replacement for all makes/models/year types going back to the year of their introduction including:

  • TPMS Toyota Service Requirements
  • Special TPMS Tools Reference Guide

Model articles referencing all makes/models/years and including:

  • Description and operation of vehicle TPMS system
  • Warning indicator reset procedure
  • System Retrain/Relearn procedure
  • Dismounting/mounting cautions & Notes
  • Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement procedure
  • Wheel Nut torques
  • Tire Pressure Sensor Nut torques

Toyota TPMS Tool Training

Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog Download

Bartec are world leaders in the implementation of TPMS systems for the wheel and tire assembly plant and the car plant with over 70 installations worldwide.

As a result of this activity the company also leads the aftermarket with the most comprehensive range of TPMS dealer tools for the dealer, the tire shop and even the end user.

Download Part Catalog Toyota Avanza

The market desperately needs information and training on TPMS, diagnosing faults and repairing/replacing, TPMS tools and support. Bartec has sought to answer some of the many questions by putting together a series of training videos which can be viewed by visiting www.bartecusa.com