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  1. Official date of manufacture of IMI Uzi Is there an official list of Uzi serial numbers from Action Arms? 1988, serial number SA 66xxx. IMI Uzi as imported. The Uzi (Hebrew: עוזי, officially cased as UZI ) / ˈ uː z i / ( listen ) is a family of Israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine guns.
  2. Made in 1986-87 Ships to Lower 48, $65.00 SOLD Manufacturer: IMI Model: UZI Serial Number: SA57436. DA: 25 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 50. Look Up Gun Serial Number IMI Israel 9mm UZI - govdeals.com. SMG UZI 9mm, IMI Israel, serial number 109308, rarely used, good working condition. These Guns Are Pre 86 Dealer Samples, Not Post Samples!

Up for grabs is a Pre-Ban IMI UZI Model B semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. Free download clash of clans the movie. Serial number-SA54565. This pistol is in great condition and comes with (2) magazines, an original hard case, and a sling. Action Arms Import stamp. The Uzi carbine has two main variants, the Model A (imported from 1980 to 1983) and the Model B (imported from 1983 until 1989). Although it was adopted by the Israeli military in the 1950s, the Uzi submachine gun did not generate much interest in the United States until the 1980s.

This is abreakdown of all the parts that go into one complete semi automaticMini Uzi carbine. Notes about each part and differences versusdifferent versions of the Uzi will be noted.
The numbers below correspondto the parts on the Mini Uzi carbine partsdiagram available on uzitalk.comhere.
All items marked with a '*'indicate that this is a Mini Uzi only partand not interchangable with the full size Uzi.
*1 - Barrel
The semi auto barrel is 19'from the factory. A ruling made it legal to reduce this size to 16'which you might see with some Vector Arms produced Minis. The back endis smaller for fitting inside the restriction ring of the semi autos.
Full Auto / SBR / Pistol. Thishas two angled ports on the front for compensation. The back end isonce again turned down for use in a semi auto gun with the restrictionring but factory SMG barrels do not have this and in place, have athicker band halfway down the barrel for a second support so the barreldoesnt move. See herefordifferences (photo credit Amphibian / C3junkie).
2 - Nut, Barrel retaining
The threading ontheseare M26x1.5. The Micro Uzi and Uzi Pistol are
3 - Catch, Barrel Retaining
4 - Spring, Barrel Catch
5 - Front Sight
The Mini Uzis all usedModel B sights, except for the Vector Arms guns made from cut downGroup Industries Receivers which use Model A sights.
6 - Detent, Front Sight
7 - Spring, Detent Front Sight
*8 - Receiver
Original IMI Mini Uzis hadreceivers that are instantly identifiable by the secondary 'ribs' onthe back end. The left side has one rib above the serial number areaand the other side has two. Guns made from cut down full size receiverslack this or else can easily be spotted as a re-weld because the rib isso hard to get perfect. The Mini had a variety of different stampingson the back to identify them. All Action Arms guns have a stamping onthe underside indicating that they are AA guns and their place ofimport and origin (PIC).The Action Arms Mini Carbine has an MC before the serial to indicate'Mini Carbine' (PIC). Mini Uzi carbine serial numberssrarted at 1001.The Mini Uzi Pistols that Vector Arms made were built on carbinereceivers but restamped to read Mini Uzi Pistol. They still retain theMC prefix (PIC). The rare'First Responder' carbine has a lot more stamping on it (PIC).As far as SMGsgo the original non-export IMI Mini was marked simply 'Mini Uzi 9mm'without any prefix in front of the serial (PIC). The standardopen-bolt Mini Uzi has an MU prefix (PIC). The closed-bolt Minihad an MU-CB preifx (PIC).Closed-bolt Minis were also made from semi carbines and can beidentified by stmaped out portions where the 'carbine' and MC prefixused to be (PIC).
*9 - Swivel, Sling
*10 - Handguard, Left
11 - Screw, Handguard
A few aftermarketcompanies use Allen bolts with an ugly bright gold/brass color to themso be careful.
Thread size 5-40.

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*12 - Handguard, Right
13 - Nut, Handguard Bolt
A few aftermarketcompanies use Allen bolts with an ugly bright gold/brass color to themso be careful.
14 - Catch, Cover
15 - Spring, Catch Cover
16 - Rear Sight
TheMini Uzis all used Model B sights, except for the Vector Arms guns madefrom cut down Group Industries Receivers which use Model A sights.
17 - Spring, Washer, Rear Sight
18 - Pin, Drum Windage
19 - Drum, Windage
20 - Spring, Drum Windage
21 - Axis, Rear Sight
22 - Washer, Lock
*23 - Spring, Stock
*24 - Pin, Connecting
*25 - Folding Stock Assembly
IMI produced twovariants of the folding stock. The newer design as a more flat backthat meets up with the rear of the receiver better. See pic here. The Mini Uzi stock issometimes used on the Micro Uzi but I have only seen one instance ofthe Micro Uzi stock being used on a Mini and it looked rediculous.
26 - Screw, Cocking Knob
27 - Knob, Cocking
*28 - Plate, Slot Cover
The semi auto hasmodification warnings printed on it while the SMG version does not. Youmay see closed bolt SMGs with the markings, but this is due to the factthat closed bolts were often converted from previous semi auto guns.
*29 - Cover, Receiver
The SMG version hasteeth and a ratcheting system to hold the bolt open upon firing thelast round. These can be used on semi auto guns by simply removing thespring and ratchet piece. Once again, you may seeclosed bolt SMGs with the non-ratcheting semi auto top cover, but thisis due to the fact that closedbolts were often converted from previous semi auto guns. Top coversthat were made from cut down full size covers are instantlyidentifiable by the recess over the ejection port. The real Mini topcovers are flat all the way from the front to back. See example here.

30 - Spring, Lug Cocking
31 - Lug, Cocking
*32 - Bolt
The semi auto Mini Uzi bolt doesnot feature the 'feet' of a full auto bolt. The semi auto bolt and theclosed SMG bolt are very similar but their differences can be seen inthese pics: 1/2. Please refer to thevarious sections on uzitalk.com, 'Bolts', 'FullAuto Conversions' and 'FullAuto Conversions: Mini Uzi', for more bolt specificinformation. The Micro Uzi / Uzi Pistol bolt can be used in the MiniUzi but please notice the releif cut in the top in the Micro / Pistolbolt seen here.
33 - Pin, Extractor
34 - Spring, Blocking Latch
*35 - Blocking Latch
The Mini Uzi features aslightly modified design of the regular Uzi's blocking latch. The Miniis slightly smaller. Thedifference can be seen here.
36 - Extractor
The semi extractor differsfrom the SMG extractor in that the semi is missing half of the 'claw'while the SMG version features a full lip to it. The SMG version can beused in semi guns for a better extraction without modifications. Thedifferences are evident in this pic here(
photocredit Amphibian / C3junkie).
*37 - Striker
The open bolt Mini Uzi SMG hasa bolt featuring a fixed firing pin.
*38 - Striker, Guide
The open bolt MiniUzi SMG does not utilize a striker and essentially uses just a springrod as a recoil mechanism. See picture here(photo credit uzitalk.com). For a pdf of dimensions of this striker,click here.
*39 - Seat, Striker Spring
*40 - Retaining Ring
*41 - Return Spring Assembly
The open bolt MiniUzi SMG does not utilize a striker and essentially uses just a springrod as a recoil mechanism. See picture here(photo credit uzitalk.com).

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Uzi Serial Numbers

42 - Body, Pistol Grip
The semi aut Mini Uzicamefrom the factory with the markings 'FS' for 'Fire' and 'Safe'. SMGswould have come with the markings 'ARS' which stands for 'Automatic,Repetition, Safe'. 'AFS' marked lowers are lowers that were once semilowers that had an 'A' marked in. 'RS' lowers would be lowers made from'ARS' lowers to be semi and had the 'A' welded over. Hebrew markedlowers can be found but they most likely came from full size Uzi partskits. The first group (safe position) contains two letters -'NT'.It stands for the word Natzur. (Safe) The second group (semi position)contains one letter - 'B'. It stands for the word Bodedet. (Single).The third group (full auto) contains one letter - 'A'. It stands forAtomatit. (Automatic). 'DES' marked lowers are lowers that came off ofsurplus German full size guns and are not original to the Mini. Vectoruses these lowers with their Minis now that they have run out oforiginal and Hebrew marked lowers. The 'D' stands for 'Dauerfeuer whichmeans 'sustained fire', 'E' stands for Einzelfuer, which means singlefire (semi auto), and 'S' stands for Sicher, which means 'safe'.
43 - Cover, Pistol Grip, Right
44 - Safety Grip Assembly
45 - Spring, Safety Grip
46 - Pin, Catch, Magazine
47 - Spring, Catch, Magazine
48 - Catch, Magazine
49 - Pin, Pistol Grip
The semi auto pin is9mm diameter and the SMG is 8mm. The pin for the full size and MiniUzi is 1 3/4' long, while the Uzi Pistol is 1 5/8' long.
50 - Cover, Pistol Grip, Left
51 - Screw, Pistol Grip Cover
Thread size 5-40.
52 - Button, Fire Selector
53 - Fire Selector
54 - Spring, Fire Selector
*55 - Sear
The semi auto Mini Uzi sear isunique in that it only has one sear pad. The factory marked these with'MC' for 'Mini Carbine'. A full size carbine sear can be modified towork in the Mini by grinding one of the sear pads flat. See these picsfor the differences: 1/2/3.
56 - Spring, Sear
57 - Stop, Disconnector
58 - Trigger Assembly
59 - Spring, Trigger
60 - Pin, Sear
61 - Pin, Trigger