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BitVision for Android, PC, Mac, and Windows is an easy to use P2P network camera video monitoring application. This application can only be connected by a sequence number, the only global P2P network and network cameras installed in the home or office, view real-time video images, and image capture, video. The recorded scene situation users can learn in the shortest possible time home or office. P2P is the main and authenticated network camera of the software production and the company in the network of cooperation to normal use.
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Moreover, the application controls your live video streams from your CCTV cameras and video encoders. It has a live HD view of a camera, also it supports video recording or playback. Or if it detects any obnoxious activity in a live video feed, then it sends you a notification, and the best thing is, it captures or sends screenshots too. The application gets PTZ control and allows people to view their videos in both formats landscape or Portrait. Moreover, you will see your videos zoom-in and zoom-out.

Useful Features of BitVision on PC

Here are some features that are offered in the BitVision:

One of the most popular apps of this category goes.

  • Motion detection.
  • Notifications, quick screenshots for unusual activity.
  • PTZ Controls
  • View the videos in a landscape and portrait mode.
  • Supports almost all range of monitoring camera models.
  • EasyviewerLite will be used as a Walkie-Talkie or intercom.

This app offers easy access to your home security while you are on work, watches movies, and enhance your life overall.

How to Use BitVision on PC

This app is very user-friendly or its icons and buttons are easily used in functions and it’s Home Screen has Alarm, Preview, Video, Picture, and a quick click option to the most frequently used video feeds under “Favorites”.

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Furthermore, you will need to configure your IP cameras. Click on the “Device Manager” button option, then enter the IP Address of your camera or the Port Number into it. The good thing is you will add as many cameras as you want. However, they will be supported by the app for PC.

/samsung-frp-unlock-tool-gsm-jony/. You will select not only different live feeds to view or you can also decide when to add recordings directly to your PC. You will be able to capture screenshots and save them directly to your cloud if necessary.

How to Download and Install the application on PC free

To download the app on the PC. Download and Install Android Emulators on your PC. Bluestacks is very easy to use and helpful to download apps on your PC it works simply and well.

1- First You will download Bluestacks from its real website or you can also use this above-mentioned link www.bluestacks.com. To download Bluestacks.

2- You just simply open the link and press the download button to download Bluestacks on your PC.

3- After that locate the .exe file tab and extracts files from the software.

4- Once all files are extracts. Then open the Bluestacks on your PC or Laptop by click on the created icon.

Whatsapp Sniffer For Mac Download

5- Open Bluestacks and it leads you to Google play store ‘Signup’ screen and asks you to log-in with your Google account.

NOTE: There is always an option to create a new account.


6- When Google play store “Signup” process is complete. Then search the app on google play store search bar.

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7- Now open the app and install it on your device by click on the “install now” button and accept the terms and conditions of the app.

8- When the installation is successfully done, it creates the app icon on your PC desktop or it creates an app icon on the Bluestacks home page.

Whatsapp Sniffer Download For Mac Os

9- Finally, just click on the icon and your app is ready to run on your PC.