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CyberLink Youcam Deluxe 9.0.1029.0 Full Version adalah salah satu software yang memungkinkan anda untuk menambahkan berbagai macam efek yang aneh dan lucu secara langsung pada percakapan yang anda lakukan melalui webcam. Hal ini tentu akan membuat chatting anda melalui webcam menjadi lebih menyenangkan dan tidak membosankan.

Cyberlink Youcam 7 Delux With Serial Key - DOWNLOAD CyberLink YouCam 7 Crack is just a program that allows changing your impression aired by the cam with the addition of some impacts. CyberLink YouCam Deluxe 7 Crack With Serial Key Full Free. Cyberlink Youcam 7 serial key allows you to save multiple photos in a single PDF document. It makes sure your precious memories are with you forever. This software utility offers you surveillance and face login like security tools. Cyberlink Youcam free download for windows 7 full version turns your computer into the creative camera. Cyberlink Youcam 7 Deluxe Serial Key is right solution for edits your important photos and videos data, containing special effects, creates video presentations with relating and desktop animation, and organizes videos and photos. What’s New in YouCam Deluxe 7.0: – Adds support for Windows 10. – Adds support for Skype for Business. CyberLink YouCam 7 Crack + Deluxe. CyberLink YouCam 7.0.3529 Crack is the latest webcam programming software which is used to editing videos & photos, disc burning, and backup solutions. CyberLink YouCam Deluxe is a full-featured software that offers users a wide range of features to improve the look of the webcam stream.There are numerous. Cyberlink Youcam 5 Deluxe 5.0.0909 crack: Cyberlink Youcam 5.0.720.17218 serial: Cyberlink Youcam 2009.3.5 key generator: Cyberlink-youcam 4.1.1425 serial number maker.

Program CyberLink Youcam 7 Deluxe Full Version ini dapat terintegrasi dengan berbagai macam penyedia layanan chatting video besar seperti Skype, Yahoo Mesenger, Windows Live Mesenger, dan juga AOL Instant Mesenger. Jadi kini selain anda dapat melakukan percakapan langsung dengan gratis, anda juga dapat membuat percakapan yang anda lakukan secara face to face itu menjadi lebih menyenangkan lagi. Banyak sekali efek yang dapat diterapkan secara langsung seperti topi, kacamata, jenggot, hewan lucu, dan banyak lagi lainnya.

Kini telah rilis versi terbaru dari software ini yaitu CyberLink Youcam 7 Deluxe Full Version yang tentunya mempunyai lebih banyak fitur yang akan saya jelaskan lebih detail di bawah nanti. Saya sertakan aktivasi dari CyberLink Youcam 7 Deluxe Full Version ini agar menjadi software full version, sehingga anda dapat menikmati semua fitur yang ada di program ini. Penggunaan aktivasinya juga sangatlah mudah. Anda tinggal instal softwarenya kemudian jalankan aktivasinya dan jreng software ini akan langsung menjadi software full version.

Features Of CyberLink YouCam

  • Various Photo Shooting Modes. YouCam 7 transforms your PC into a creative camera. You can take Panorama and HDR shots with your front or rear camera. Use the new Burst mode to capture up to 10 continuous photos in one click.
  • Fun at Your Fingertips. YouCam 7 greatly enhances the user interface with the new Full Screen mode designed for touch-screen PCs. With this, you can easily take photos and videos, enhance them, and share instantly – all with your fingers!
  • Stunning Panorama Photos. Use your tablet PC’s camera to capture stunning Panorama shots. Capture multiple photos and stitch them to a wide-angle Panorama photo.
  • Dramatic HDR Photos. Apply real-time HDR effects when taking photos in low lighting or high contrast scenes. Enhance the shadow and highlight of your photos, and bring out more detail of your photo.
  • Stylish Photo Frames. Give you photo a professional finishing touch by adding the photo frame of your choice. YouCam 6 includes a wide variety of specially designed frames.
  • Paint on Your Photos. Use YouCam 7? hand paint tool to draw on your photos. You can freely change the brush size and color, and draw with your fingers on your touch-screen PCs.
  • Photo Crop & Rotate. Extract the best part of your photos with easy crop and rotate tools, choose from different ratio sets to crop your photo, or freely rotate the photos to get the perfect angle.
  • One-Click Photo Presets. Apply one-click photo presets to your photos to change the atmosphere with simple click. You can also download unlimited presets from CyberLink’s DirectorZone.com online community.
  • Browse Media with Calendar View. Using the timecode stamped on your digital media, YouCam 7 automatically organizes your photos and videos into a calendar by the date it was shot.
  • Organize Photos with Face Tags. YouCam 7 makes it fast and easy to search for people using face tag. With the advanced People Search icon, you can choose from your existing group of tagged friends.
  • Control Your YouCam in One Place. The brand new YouCam launcher interface allows you to quickly find the tasks you want to use in YouCam. Moreover, you can add your frequently used feature to Favorite tab.
  • Full HD Screen Recording. Use YouCam’s desktop recording feature to record full screen in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. You can record specific region of your screen, or a fixed region following mouse movement. Record up to Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Cara Instal

  1. Download dan ekstrak file “Cyberlink Youcam Deluxe” ini.
  2. Ekstrak juga file patch yang terdapat di dalam folder tersebut.
  3. Jalankan installernya dan silahkan ikuti sampai proses instalasi selesai.
  4. Setelah proses instalasi selesai, jangan masuk dulu ke dalam programnya.
  5. Buka folder patch, lalu pilih patch yang sesuai dengan jenis windows anda, kemudian copy pastekan file patch tersebut ke folder instalasi Cyberlink Youcam di pc atau laptop anda.
  6. Jalankan file patch dengan cara klik kanan >> run as administrator.
  7. Ikuti proses instalasi patch sampai selesai.
  8. Lalu silahkan buka file hosts dan tambahkan baris berikut di bagian bawah sendiri, lalu save. cap.cyberlink.com activation.cyberlink.com
  9. Done.

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